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Quote of the Moment It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred FTL sulla prostata dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, FTL sulla prostata that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

The first is a short writeup of the Elizabeth Empress of the Highlands Livestream gamewhich includes links to the full YouTube playlist for anyone interested. We've already moved on to a new Civ6 game featuring Mansa Musa that's streaming on Fridays as part of our "Civ Fridays" series, anyone reading this should feel free to drop by and check it out. The other report is the delayed conclusion to Snowbelle's quest in Diablo 3which I wanted to finish writing about before it slipped too far out of memory.

I should be able to do some more writing in a few weeks, and in the meantime these links and the Livestream will have to suffice. Liz and I had a fantastic trip to Australia, and a travel report on that venture overseas will be posted eventually. First of all, I ran a bunch of Championship Rematch games to determine whether or not the actual outcome of Season Four was a fluke result.

Longtime followers of the AI Survivor competition likely will FTL sulla prostata be surprised by the answer to that question. FTL sulla prostata other AI Survivor report was submitted by Ghostpants, who put together a writeup of his Game Two Leader Switcheroo and explored FTL sulla prostata it would look like to run the same map with different leaders.

For those who enjoy the Livestreams, I'm continuing to play out a Civ4 game featuring Elizabeth on a Highlands map. We're running these games each Friday as part of the new "Civ Fridays" feature and generally having a blast.

The Livestreams are saved on Twitch and also archived to YouTube at this playlist. One advance notice for readers: late September and October is going to be insanely busy at my work, and I won't have much time for streaming or writing for a few weeks. Don't worry if I disappear for a FTL sulla prostata bit, I'll be back around the start of November.

The overall Season Four Index Page still FTL sulla prostata all of the information needed to recap the season, along with the writeup for the Championship Game and a new Conclusions page looking back at what took place. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this season's actions between submitting predictions, watching the games on Livestream, or reading the reports afterwards. It was a huge success and there's a good chance that we'll run FTL sulla prostata season next year. In other news on the website, I've created a new Diablo 3 character named Snowbelle and FTL sulla prostata in the process of playing through her quest.

She's a Wizard specializing in Cold skills, and the first four parts of her story have been posted to the website over the past few weeks with FTL sulla prostata least one more still to come. Over on the Travel section of the website, I've nearly finished the long task of writing about all of my past trips from the last decade. I've recently added FTL sulla prostata for my trip to Hong Kong and Bangkok in FTL sulla prostata, my trip to Paris inand last month's trip to New York from this year in Tomorrow we are leaving for a trip to Australia and therefore I won't be streaming or updating the website for a few weeks.

I'll see everyone later on in August! Note that there will be a two week delay before the final to help build more hype, and that it will be taking place on a Saturday instead of our usual Friday scheduling in order FTL sulla prostata allow more people to watch along live. The overall Season Four Index Page still has all of FTL sulla prostata links needed to follow the action, submit picks, watch the Livestreams, or read the written summaries of the completed games.

We were never able to get much more than a dozen people to make the events, and I found that streaming on weeknights didn't end up working very well with my work schedule. With my own interest in League of Legends waning once again, this was the right time to bring the YouTube Nights to a close. Thanks again to FTL sulla prostata who took part in them over the last six months - those of you who were there on a weekly basis were an amazing group!

The Livestream itself will continue on our usual Friday schedule along with other more intermittent weekend streams. After this season of Civ4 AI Survivor concludes, I FTL sulla prostata to continue the same trend with a new "Civ Fridays" feature where we play a variety of different turn-based strategy games together on stream.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming details on these Livestreaming events. Finally, I want to draw attention to the Diablo 3 section of my website where I finished writing up the story of one of my Single Player characters. I created a character named Spyderman based around the use of the Corpse Spiders skill, and I ended up writing eight pages detailing his travels across a bunch of different difficulties.

There's a lot to read here about a new character to FTL sulla prostata website so dig in and enjoy some new tales here on the website! Welcome to my website. Here you can find information about a variety of different games that I have played over the years. My website is high on content, low on graphics. Please select the game that interests you from the list below. Civilization 6. Civilization 5. Civilization 4.

Civilization 3. League of Legends. Diablo 3. Diablo 2. Dance Dance Revolution! Master of Orion. Final Fantasy.

Rogue Legacy. For The King. Galactic Civilizations 3. Miscellaneous Games. Collected Editorials. Sullla YouTube Channel. Sullla Livestream. Sullla Discord Channel. Information About Sullla. The Odyssey: FTL sulla prostata Travel Blog.

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After seeing so FTL sulla prostata FTL tier lists floating around on the Internet, I decided that I might as well put one together myself and post it here on my website. I've divided the 28 ships into five main tiers based around different levels of overall strength. Ships within tiers are intended to be roughly comparable in power, although they are also ranked within tiers as well.

Some of the intra-tier ranking was truly splitting hairs, however, and these ships should be regarded as roughly even in strength.

Ships were FTL sulla prostata under the assumption of Hard difficulty with the goal of defeating the rebel flagship and winning the game as efficienty as possible. The boarding ships with a Teleporter don't get extra weight because of their ability to rack up a higher in-game score although I have indeed factored in the additional scrap and other rewards that they can reap from boarding.

The ranking was also done with FTL sulla prostata assumption of an experienced player using these ships to the best of his or her ability. In FTL sulla prostata words, low skillcap ships like the Engi A don't receive more weight for being easy to use. Finally, this is ultimately a personal ranking based on my opinions. FTL sulla prostata of this website will know that I favor gunships over boarding ships, and while I've tried not to let that FTL sulla prostata this list, I'm sure personal bias plays a factor in this process.

Let's get started. This opinion is shared by nearly everyone within the FTL community. As the stronger of the two designs on the "secret" ship, the Crystal B is well FTL sulla prostata the difficult process FTL sulla prostata unlocking it. This ship's advantages are almost overwleming in nature. It's one of only three ships in the game with a four-tile Teleporter, a system that can easily win the game without need for FTL sulla prostata other weapons.

This complements extremely well with the starting three Crystal crewmembers, the game's overpowered hidden race. Crystals have extra health, take damage more slowly from low oxygen, and come with the utterly broken "Lockdown" innate ability. With three Lockdown uses and the four-tile Teleporter, the player should be able to kill enemy crew with ease, Medbay or no Medbay.

That would be strong enough, but the Crystal B also starts the game with Cloaking too! Crystal B is the only ship in the game to start with both Cloaking FTL sulla prostata the Teleporter.

That system adds ridiculously strong defenses to a godly boarding setup. This silly thing is priced at the same value as a Zoltan Shield! It's another advantage that this ship absolutely does not need, but nonetheless has anyway. The one and only weakness of this ship FTL sulla prostata the lack of any starting weapons. This isn't nearly as big of a setback as it sounds though, and indeed two of the three ships that start without weapons are among the best in the game FTL sulla prostata ship and Mantis B.

Long story short: if you can't win with the Crystal B, you're doing something seriously wrong. This ship is wildly overpowered compared to the rest. Occupying its own little tier is the Lanius B ship. FTL sulla prostata it weren't for the Crystal B, this would be the best ship in the game, and it doesn't miss the Crystal B by much. The Lanius B has one of the top boarding setups in FTL, and unquestionably the strongest one that doesn't involve a four-tile Teleporter. Sadly the Lanius B only has the normal two-tile system.

Unlike the Crystal B and Mantis B however, which need more crew to get rolling and use their Teleporters to FTL sulla prostata ability, the Lanius B boarding setup FTL sulla prostata fully ready to go from the start of the game. The starting crew allows the player to place an Engi in the piloting room, and then send two Lanius over to the enemy FTL sulla prostata. The Lanius will immediately drain all of the Oxygen from whatever room FTL sulla prostata happen to be standing inside, making it nearly impossible for the enemy crew to fight them.

In addition, the Lanius B has a Mind Control system to help the boarding party further, turning one of the enemies against their friends. There's a really evil move where you can Mind Control someone on the enemy ship, then use the Teleporter to beam them over to your ship.

FTL sulla prostata there's no Teleporter on the other ship, they can't get back and you can murder them with ease. If for some reason you mess up and get the Lanius boarders killed, well, the ship has a Cloning Bay for that. The Lanius B is almost idiot-proof. This alone would be enough to put the Lanius B into the top tiers, but it goes FTL sulla prostata step further by having the single best weapon in the game: Advanced Flak.

The Advanced Flak is a version that has a shorter cooldown time 8 seconds instead of 10 and costs only 1 weapons power instead of 2. So not only does the Lanius B have an FTL sulla prostata boarding setup, it also has this brokenly strong Advanced Flak to play around with as well. The only weaknesses on FTL sulla prostata ship are the weak starting weapons requiring a one-time payment of 40 scrap to upgrade to level 2 and the lack of Sensors, which does limit the effectiveness of the Mind Control system a bit.

These are minor problems, of course. Other ships would kill for this kind of setup. You can play the Lanius B as a boarding ship, or ignore the Teleporter entirely and use this is a powerful gunship with the Advanced Flak. It's hard to mess up this thing. I put four ships into this tier, and I was surprised at how naturally they fit there.

These four are all roughly comparable to one another in power, and a clear step above the rest of the non-godly ships. Since the Crystal B and Lanius B are essentially designed to be secret ships, you can think of these as FTL sulla prostata best of the "normal" ships in FTL. I believe that the Zoltan A is the strongest ship in this tier. I was honestly surprised when I went back and played this ship again a little while ago; even when doing a wacky low-power variant to unlock one of the achievements, the Zoltan A was still crushing everything in its path.

This ship starts with one of the game's holy trio of weapons in the Halberd Beam, the best beam weapon in the game. T-Hawk has written about this in detailexplaining how the Halberd Beam sits in the sweet spot on damage.

Two shots with the Halberd Beam against a shieldless target will kill just about any enemy ship in the game; if you go up to the much longer cooldown of the Glaive Beam, it still takes two shots to kill the enemy ship. Cool as it looks, the Glaive Beam is simply FTL sulla prostata. The Halberd Beam is in the perfect spot of dealing significantly more damage than the Pike Beam or Hull Beam, without requiring all the extra power FTL sulla prostata chargeup time of the Glaive Beam.

The fact that it pierces through one shield layer at half damage is another massive advantage. The only weapons that compare in overall strength are the Burst II Laser and Flak I, the other members of the holy trio.

Not surprisingly, the ships that start with these weapons are all in the top tiers of my list. The Zoltan A also starts out with a Zoltan Shield, the game's best augment.

Starting every battle with 5 points of supershielding helps enormously in cutting down damage taken.

You're pretty much guaranteed to get off the first shot of the Halberd Beam before your weapons system can even take damage. It's also impossible to be hit by enemy boarders or Hacking or Mind Control so long as the Zoltan Shield stays up, and even when it goes down, Zoltan A has level 2 Doors to deal with invaders. To counter these strengths, the Zoltan A has It's true though - there are few holes in this setup.

The ship starts with only 5 reactor power the default is 8but that's countered by begining with a crew of three Zoltans. Even with one in the piloting room, there's plenty of power to run everything. I suppose the ship is weak against boarders, but with a Zoltan Shield and upgraded Doors, FTL sulla prostata never had any problems. The main knock against this ship online is something like "the Halberd Beam won't deal any damage once the enemy ships have two shield bubbles.

First of all, that's not even true; Zoltan A has a Leto Missile which could be fired against enemy shields and eliminate one of the layers. Secondly, if this is a "weakness" of the Zoltan A, it's a FTL sulla prostata shared by nearly every other ship in the game. Most ships need to upgrade weapons to handle the second shield bubble - few are lucky enough to having starting weapons that strong.

This is not much of a weakness for the Zoltan A, given that finding just about any weapon whatsoever lasers, ions, flak, etc. I mean, what are all those ships that start with Dual Lasers or Chain Lasers going to do when the enemy ships show up with two shield bubbles? Even the mighty Burst II Laser is virtually useless on its own against double shield layers without a second supporting weapon.

I'm not buying the criticism. Zoltan A is a really solid ship setup. It's simply not as ludicrously overpowered as Crystal B or Lanius B. Mantis B FTL sulla prostata most similar to Crystal B in its setup, a ship based around using the Teleporter to board the enemy while also having extremely strong defenses at the same time.

Like Crystal B, this ship also has a four-tile Teleporter, a system FTL sulla prostata scales incredibly well with more crew into the lategame. Unlike Crystal B, this ship has Mantises instead of FTL sulla prostata for the starting crew, and there are only two of them to begin. That's one of only two FTL sulla prostata weaknesses of this ship, the lack of more crew at the FTL sulla prostata of the game.

Mantis B scales extremely well with more people on board - this is one of the few ships where I recommended purchashing them at stores. If you can get 4 Mantises to fill the Teleporter, and then have more humanoids to remain at home running the ship itself, Mantis B becomes arguably the best ship in the game. It does take some work to reach that point, however. The player is helped through the opening stages of the game by the strongest defensive early game setup of any FTL sulla prostata in FTL.

Mantis B begins with level 4 shields two bubbles and a Defensive Drone. This makes the ship almost completely invulnerable FTL sulla prostata damage from the rebel designs in Sector FTL sulla prostata and Sector Two.

The two shield layers stop lasers and beams, while the Defensive drone will shoot down missiles. It's pretty hard to mess that up. The other major weakness of the Mantis B FTL sulla prostata the limited starting crew is the lack of any FTL sulla prostata weapons. It's true that there's no direct FTL sulla prostata to deal damage, and even after the player comes across weapons, there's that one-time 40 scrap penalty to take the weapons system to level 2.

Like all Mantis ships, the Mantis B is also limited to only 3 weapon slots, which I find to be a major limitation at the end of the game. Long story short: this is not a gunship. Don't play it intending to engage in ship vs. Mantis B is a boarding ship and it needs to be played that way to take advantage of its strengths. The designers arguably overcompensated for the lack of weapons by giving Mantis B such absurdly strong early game defenses, plus the use of a Boarding Drone to handle FTL sulla prostata scouts, plus an absurd 11 reactor power to start out!!!

I have no idea why they did that; it's way more power than the ship needs, and represents 65 extra scrap that the player doesn't have to spend later.

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When I wrote my initial FTL Introduction page back inI had no idea that the game would eventually wind up with so much content on my website. During the gaming lull between my League of Legends burnout and the release of Civ6, I needed to find something to play, and FTL ended up becoming my personal title of choice.

FTL has a fantastic format for Livestreaming in particular, with a single run lasting roughly the length of a typical Livestreaming session hours and the viewers able to play "backseat driver" and second-guess decisions about where to go, what to buy, which event option to pick, and so on. The net result is that I wound up playing a lot of FTL, and it was gaming time well spent.

FTL is one of the finest strategy games I've ever played, with Hard difficulty level in particular almost perfectly calibrated FTL sulla prostata that the player has exactly enough resources - and no more - to win the game. It's a game that I can sit down and play for a couple of hours at any time and always get a challenging and exciting outcome, even after hundreds of runs.

Along with the original Master of Orion, FTL is one of the very few games where I've never felt any need to do much in the way of oddball variants, simply because FTL sulla prostata core gameplay is already so excellent. As a result of playing FTL sulla prostata of these games of FTL, I've found myself slowly improving over time. I was able to win on Hard difficulty very quickly, but at first it typically took choosing one of the stronger ship designs or getting some key breaks of luck to achieve victory.

When I go back and look at my early written reports on the website now, I can see some of the mistakes that I used to make, particularly in terms of how to spend scrap the single most important strategic element in FTL.

Some of FTL sulla prostata weak ships in particular were FTL sulla prostata from a success standpoint; I think it took ten tries to win with the Zoltan C shipand almost as many tries with the Federation C Cruiser admittedly two of the worst ships in the game.

My win rate has improved significantly since then. Right now, I've won over a dozen games in a row on Hard, using different ships on every run, only avoiding the ships that use the Teleporter since I don't enjoy that aspect of FTL's gameplay. Most of these victories have been relatively easy sailing, with each ship hitting the upgrades that I know are necessary to win in smooth progression.

About a quarter of them have not been easy at all, but still I managed to struggle over the finish line by the skin of my teeth. These are the games that would have been losses previously, and which I've been able to turn into wins through greater familiarity with FTL strategy.

While it's true that not every game is winnable, the overwhelming majority of FTL runs can, in fact, be turned into victories with enough knowledge and hard work.

An expert player can work around the random elements of the gameplay and still find a way to win in nearly FTL sulla prostata cases. And yet, now I find myself reaching that same position as well, much to my own surprise. It really is possible to win almost every game, even on Hard difficulty.

With that background out of the way, this report is designed to be my "Advanced Strategy" page for FTL. The Introduction page has all of the basic information about how to play the game. This will be a deeper dive where I hope to cull what I've learned across all those games into readable form. Let's dig in. The single most important FTL sulla prostata of success in FTL is having a good weapon setup. With strong weapons, I can win the game no matter how many holes might exist elsewhere missing FTL sulla prostata systems, few crew members, no augments, etc.

Why are weapons the most important component towards achieving success? Generally speaking, it's FTL sulla prostata a good offense also serves as a good defense. With a bunch of lasers and flak weapons, I can shoot out the enemy weapons before they get a chance to damage me, therefore achieving both offense and defense with one stroke.

In contrast, sitting FTL sulla prostata and trying to set up an impenetrable defense generally doesn't work in FTL. The ships on Hard difficulty are simply too well outfitted, and way too many of them pack missiles or bombs that Defensive drones are no guarantee of stopping. Cloaking similarly has a 20 second cooldown, and can't be used to dodge everything. There are also bad pre-battle events which will knock out your engines or shields FTL sulla prostata a single fight, and environment hazards like ion pulsars and solar flares that can render defenses void, plus lots of ships that try FTL sulla prostata run away and must be FTL sulla prostata before they can escape.

Turtling up defensively doesn't work in any of those scenarios. Most importantly of all, the rebel flagship has too many weapons to make a purely defensive setup viable. The triple missile launcher, the drone surge, and the laser superweapon are all deadly perils.

They will typically overwhelm normal defenses and deal at least some damage whenever they appear. The key to success is to defeat the flagship quickly, or at FTL sulla prostata use strong weapons to knock out the missile weapon in each phase.

The weaker your weapons, the longer the final battle will last, and the most damage your ship will incur. When FTL sulla prostata see FTL screenshots posted by other players online, I always check out what weapons setup they're using in their games.

Over and over again, I see poor FTL sulla prostata gimmicky weapon loadouts from the online community. There are always lots of posts on FTL Reddit about how unfair it is to fight the rebel flagship It's easy to see why weapon setups like this aren't successful.

FTL sulla prostata, the point of this is not to taunt those who are still in the process of learning FTL, but to focus on what DOES work in terms of achieving victory. End of story. This is the only consistently reliable FTL sulla prostata to deal damage in FTL, and as a result, my runs gravitate towards these setups over and over again.

They are all worth having on any setup in all situations. FTL sulla prostata really, any laser weapon that you can point at the enemy ship will work reasonably well. I've FTL sulla prostata fallen out of favor with beam weapons other than the Halberd Beam, as they spread out damage across multiple systems on an enemy ship as opposed to concentrating it in one place. It's FTL sulla prostata better to deal 6 damage concentrated on an enemy's Weapons or Shields or Piloting system, rather than doing 1 damage to each of them and 3 more damage to empty parts of the hull.

For this reason, I will certainly make use of Pike Beams or Hull Beams, but I tend not to go out of my way to get them. I'd rather have another laser weapon and two more shots - it's just more consistent and less susceptible to a bad RNG streak which leaves an enemy shield bubble intact and that beam weapon sitting there doing nothing. The key target for the end of the game is the FTL sulla prostata to deal a guaranteed 7 damage.

That's enough to get through the rebel flagship's 4 shield layers and then deal FTL sulla prostata more damage to the missile weapon, enough to knock it offline. There are innumerable weapon setups that can do this, and dealing more damage on top of that is always nice.

However, this should be the bare minimum that the player targets in each run. Consistently taking out the flagship's missile weapon is the key to success on Hard difficulty level it's not enough to do it once, the rebel crew will keep repairing it. Hacking obviously helps enormously in this endeavor, and there are weapon setups that would not be viable without Hacking to remove enemy FTL sulla prostata or shields. What doesn't work reliably in FTL?

The short answer is anything else. Missiles and bombs use up ammunition too quickly to serve as a main form of offense. I tend to use them only in the early game, to FTL sulla prostata an empty weapon slot at the end of a run, or in extreme emergencies. Offensive drones are a similarly weak option, as they also rely on the limited quantity of drone parts for use.

On Hard difficulty, there isn't enough scrap to be buying more drones at 8 scrap apiece in stores. Besides, those drones are needed for Defensive drones and Hacking drones instead! Drones are further maddening because the player cannot target where they deal their damage, and that's a giant problem.

A good weapon setup deals a massive volley against a critical system on the enemy ship FTL sulla prostata all once. In contrast, drones flit around dealing small pinpricks of damage to random systems. Offensive drones are a recipe for disaster; remember that if you're relying on them for your main damage, you're putting FTL sulla prostata fate in the hands of random chance that they'll go after the enemy systems that you want.

I do not recommend this. Ions do not deal damage themselves FTL sulla prostata instead take enemy shields and systems offline for a short period of time. They rely on what I call the "ion cascade" to function properly; that is, the player must keep applying ion damage repeatedly until enemy shields are offline.

As long as the ion shots keep hitting the target, the ionizing will keep stacking up and reduce enemy shields. However, if the ion cascade gets interrupted for any reason, the ion cascade has to start all over again from the beginning. This means that ions get vastly weaker as the game progresses. FTL sulla prostata a single shield bubble, ions look pretty awesome: land one shot and the shielding is gone!

Against two shield layers though, the player needs to apply 3 ion damage to remove the shields. Against three shield layers, the player needs to land 5 ion damage, and so on. The odds that the ion shots FTL sulla prostata keep hitting gets smaller and smaller as the enemy shielding increases, and it takes longer and longer to get the shields down.

Ions are also nearly helpless against enemy ships with Cloaking which resets the ion cascade or Defensive Drone IIs, which will shoot down the incoming projectiles. Of course, you can mitigate this by bringing more ion weapons so as to have more ion shots chaining together as part of the cascade, but that ties up even more weapon slots on ion weapons that don't actually deal damage.

On an Engi ship with only three FTL sulla prostata slots, do you really want to use two of them on ions? Long story short, ions are a damage over time DOT effect. And all other things being equal, burst damage FTL sulla prostata always better than DOT damage. I only use ions situationally or when I have no other choice. By the way, the Vulcan is essentially an ion weapon that deals damage, as it has its own cascade effect. This is why expert FTL sulla prostata tends to agree that the Vulcan is not very good.

FTL is therefore filled with all sorts of inefficient weapons. The FTL community FTL sulla prostata to love all of these oddball options, playing around with ions and drones and Fire Bombs and so on. I used to think that I was missing something, and that these weapons FTL sulla prostata somehow be stronger than I thought.

That is not the case. As T-Hawk has put it, the FTL community loves coming up with elaborate ways to not kill the enemy quickly and efficiently. When playing seriously, however, stick to the basics.

Keep stacking lasers and you won't regret it. One final note here about use of the Teleporter system for FTL sulla prostata. A Teleporter game is significantly different from a normal game, as your crew becomes the weapon of choice. It can therefore be worthwhile to FTL sulla prostata more crew early on with these ships, especially ones like Mantis B or Mantis C, which are limited mostly by the number of boarders that they can send over to the enemy ship at once.

Upgrading the Teleporter system is also a wise choice, as it allows the player to pull their attackers back to safety if something goes wrong, or alternately get a faster cooldown to send even more invaders over to the enemy FTL sulla prostata. That's not to say that standard weapons are irrelevant for a Teleporter game either, only devalued in importance.